Colin is known for being one of the most technology-embracing mediators in the UK. He launched CDR Remote at the start of the COVID pandemic and this continues to be a popular option alongside in-person mediations.

This pioneering service enabled Colin to deliver effective mediation remotely using a secure video conferencing platform. Proving to be hugely popular with both law firms and their clients, even after in-person mediators were allowed again, Colin continues to run many of his mediations online each year.

Colin’s ability to embrace technology doesn’t just stop at online mediations, he also has his availability calendar in real-time on this website. This enables clients to check if Colin is available and send a booking request via the website. Colin is also completely transparent about his fees – clearly listing his mediation fees on this website and CV.

Even though Colin has offered these additional services for many years, and they work well for both Colin and his clients, he remains one of only a small handful of meditators to do so.

Click here to download CDR Remote – A Practical Guide to Online Face-to-Face mediation…

If you would like to know more about the CDR Remote process, please contact Colin by telephone on 07816 782 434, by email or, for a video conversation, via Zoom, Teams or Skype.