Why COVID-19 is no reason to decline mediation

It is looking increasingly likely that social distancing is going to be part of our lives for at least the next few months. Unless it is possible to build SD into conventional mediation in a way that is acceptable to all attendees, for the foreseeable future ADR will need to be be truly alternative, namely, online.

Already the courts are encouraging parties to “get on with it” and mediate online. It seems, therefore, that COVID-19 will not be seen as a valid reason for refusing to mediate.

Using Zoom or other available platforms key features of conventional mediation are retained. It is still confidential face-to-face mediation; joint as well as private meetings are held; the normal safety mechanisms are in place and the mediation proceeds in customary fashion in terms of structure and timing.

And it works.

For at least the next few months, online video conferencing is the way forward for mediation.

Click here to download a PDF version of CDR Remote – A Practical Guide to Online Face-to-Face mediation…

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