Whilst face-to-face Mediation has been – for good reasons – the favoured format for a mediation process, there are other formats that can be used successfully including our own approach known as CDR Remote.

When considering CDR Remote for your next mediation, there are various options available including; 1-2-1 telephone calls, dial-in conference calls, Skype, video-conferencing and Zoom. Based on his experience of all these formats, Colin favours Zoom which is excellent in terms of sound and picture quality and has few performance issues. It simply requires that all participants have Zoom software on their PC, laptop or even mobile phone and Colin’s existing arrangements enable him to host video meetings involving multiple participants in different locations. Colin will send invitations by email and joining the video call is simply a matter of clicking on the link.

There are various steps which can be taken in advance of the mediation day to enhance the prospects of success and Colin has prepared a detailed step-by-step CDR Remote Model, which he can make available to enquirers. Using existing technology the process on the day can be conducted through a series of video meetings (including a plenary session if required) taking place across the day. Alternatively, the process can be adapted to use shorter sessions scheduled across several days.

By these means, the best features of a face-to-face mediation are retained and an effective, efficient and successful mediation process can be undertaken. Moreover, a settlement agreement can be signed on the day in the usual manner.

If you would like to know more about this process, please contact Colin by telephone on 07816 782 434, email or, for a video conversation, via Zoom or Skype.